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And So The Rocks Begin

Day 105

Thursday July 6, 2017

Time: 7:24am - 12:45pm

Weather: Cloudy and rainy

Hotel Holiday Inn Express

We have officially entered the rock zone of Pennsylvania. Each state of the Appalachian Trail is known for something. Unfortunately PA gets a bad rap. The first few days hike are pleasantly smooth and enjoyable. That ends all too soon. Other states have rocky sections but the key word is sections. For the next several days the trail will be a hazard of rocks to no end. It will test our physical and mental well being. I was unable to capture any photos of rocks today due to the rain but there will be plenty of opportunities for pics in the up coming days. 

We have been hiking in a green tunnel for weeks with few views and were quite excited when we saw one yesterday and one today. Today's was not what we hoped for though. 

We saw the sign pointing to the right and what we saw was not impressive.

I am sure on a sunny day it's spectacular. This was not a sunny day. We have no complaints. The weather has been great. I can't remember the last day we actually hiked in the rain. We did a short day knowing that Mother Nature was going to be a little uncooperative.

With our miles in, laundry done, and a mini rest we still have lots of time for eating and resupply. I won't be having crab legs tonight. I'll have to settle for a salad and chicken. 

Happy Hiking. 

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