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No More Glamping For Awhile

Day 110

Tuesday July 11, 2017

Miles: 1193.7 - 1208.8   Completed: 15.1

Time: 8:58am - 6:10pm

Weather: Cloudy and humid slightest breeze at times


Tenting near Eagles Nest Shelter

We are back in the woods. No more glamping for awhile. We left the Girl Scout camp shuttled by Swamp and Lingo. It was hard leaving. Camp was fun and it was nice talking with all the campers. In fact BB didn't leave. She is hanging out for one more day. 

The rocks are out in mass now on the trail. 

At least 13 miles involved large amounts of stone.

The above section would be considered smooth. The rocks weren't the challenge of the day. It was the black flies and mosquitoes. I had to apply repellent 5 times. Most days I apply once all over and might need a touch around the head. Today I needed a more The a touch up. It's a beautiful evening but both Shortcake and I have retired to our tent to escape the blood thirsty insects. As I sit hear I can hear a fellow hiker walking the little biters.

Part of the hike took us through a scheduled burn area that took a place in May. I understand they do it to decrease the fuel for possible wild fires and for regrow the of habitat but this section only seemed to be regrowing poison oak. 

It was the most abundant plant in the burn area. 

Tonight is our first night back in the woods after a wonderful stretch of glamping. I enjoy sleeping in my tent don't get me wrong. I just don't like having to set it up and pack it away every day. If money wasn't an issue I'd either pay someone to hike ahead and have my camp and supper ready or I would stay in as many hotels as I could. But since Batman doesn't have deep pockets in his cape I have to spend tonight in the woods on my own strength. 

Happy Hiking. 

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