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Nothing Left Except Lips And Toenails

Day 111 Wednesday July 10, 2017 Miles: 1208.8 - 1223.5 completed: 14.7 Time: 7:28am - 5:45pm Weather: Hot and humid If there was a day to quit today would have been it. Two nights of bad sleep in a row makes for difficult hiking. Add that to Pennsylvania rocks, a hurting knee, and temperatures to make the Devil himself sweat and you have a quitting recipe. Good thing I incorporated a few more ingredients to turn my frown upside down. I couldn't do anything about the humidity but I could tend to my knee and adjust my attitude. I hiked slower, more diligently, and took a long break to rest my knee. Also enlisted the help of vitamin I also known as Ibuprofen by hikers. For my attitude I went to my happy place to help forget about the rocks and heat. Well, my second happy place. First is Batman. But today I had silly thoughts about Jason Statham. I imagined at the end of the grueling day he would be there giving massages to Shortcake and I. Hey, a hikers gotta do what she has to in order to complete the daily goal. Not only did we do that we arrived 15 minutes earlier then planned. Just enough time for a mini rub down. When we got to camp Shortcake checked the weather for the night and tomorrow. When she did it told us the temperature at 6pm was 85 degrees. No wonder I sweated so much. There was nothing left to me except lips and toe nails. If it was 85 at 6pm what was it at peak? Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. 

Happy Hiking.  

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