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Melt Down Stretch

Day 113

Friday July 14, 2017

Miles: 1232.6 - 1240    Completed: 7.4

Time: 8:53am - 1:30pm

Weather: Pouring

Tenting at Allentown Hiking Club Shelter

I could sum today up with 5 words, short day, rain, and rocks. But that wouldn't be very interesting for you. I'll use my creativity and add some spice. 

We had almost 18 miles planned for today to keep on track for where we want to meet Batman tomorrow. But yesterday's forecast of no rain that started at 2:30pm and was still coming down when we set out today at 8:53am slowed our momentum.

This particular stretch is rockier then what we have seen. We had large boulder fields,

small rocks,

and medium stones. 

All of which were wet, slippery and treacherous to navigate. In 2015 this exact section had me on the blink of crazed. I literally started to cry because it went on and on. I stopped that nonsense though and relalized tears wouldn't help so I laughed hysterically just to get through it. 

Today after several hours of hiking and getting nowhere Shortcake asked if we are almost there. I wasn't sure of our distance. She was convinced it couldn't be far. I let her continue and checked my GPS. We still had 2.7 miles to go to the shelter. It was pouring and the trail was now a river. There was no way I was telling her the bad news. 

When we finally got to the shelter, claimed a spot, and regained our dignity Shortcake admitted to me that she had a mini breakdown inside but just like I did told herself that wasn't going to help. I have official deemed this part of the AT the Melt Down Stretch. 

The common thread is winners do what needs to be done no matter what the situation. We may not have met today's goals but that's okay. We made it through today and have a plan for tomorrow. 

Happy Hiking. 

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