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This Is Beach Weather Not Hiking Weather

Day 112 Thursday July 13, 2017 Miles: 1223.5 - 1232.6 Completed: 9.1 Time: 7:44am - 2:00pm Weather: Cloudy and HOT Tenting at Eckville Shelter I am not sure I can take any more of this heat. I always used to say I love the heat. Keep in mind I am a Maine girl and our summers rarely get above 80 degrees. These continuous mercury pushing spells are more then this snow girl can handle. I told Shortcake this is beach weather not hiking weather. It's so hot I need a squeegie for my body. There are few words to describe the sweaty, balmy, dirty state of our bodies. AT hikers are not playing with a full deck. I truly believe if a study was done on the brains of long distance hikers researchers would find that our brains are not like the average Joe's. No right minded person would willingly subject themselves to this kind of treatment and call it fun. Thank goodness our plans for the day only demanded 9.1 miles. After yesterday's sweat bath and rocks, followed by a second dose of the same today we welcomed an early finish. Just as we set up our tents over 2 hours ago it began to rain. A mad dash to throw the rest of gear under cover and dive in ourselves, here we sit waiting out what has now turned into another thunderstorm on the trail.

The joys of backpacking. I am half tempted to run outside in my skivvies just to get rinsed off. Happy Hiking.  

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