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This Girl Needs To Eat More

Day 114

Saturday July 15, 2017

Miles: 1240.0 - 1252.4   Completed: 12.4

Time: 6:39am - 3:30pm

Weather: Cloudy, not as hot, wet rocks

Photo by Sharon Cassidy

Another rainy night. It started pouring again about 11pm and continued until early morning. It was a nice rain. The kind that drowns out the noise and lulls you to sleep. I was glad for that because when it stopped I could hear the snoring all the way from the shelter. Glad I chose to tent.

I started my morning as usual. I began packing up my sleep system and sleep clothes. Once they were securely inside their dry bags I reached for my wet hiking clothes. They never dry over night. They were at the bottom of my tent. When I grabbed them an overwhelming odor of ammonia filled the tent bringing tears to my eyes. I knew it was not a good sign but forgot the exact reasoning one might smell like so. Once I was packed I mentioned it to Shortcake. The other hiker chimed in and said it was because my body was burning up muscle due to my low calorie intake. 

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to eat right. This week I switched up my food bag. I eliminated all junk food and went with high protein bars, Peanutbutter, nuts, and dried fruits. Look where it got me! Smelling like a litter box. I thought the nutrient dense food would sustain me better then my chips, candy bars and jelly beans. Not a chance. Backpacking is hard work and I guess calories are more important than what's actually in them. So back to my original plan of eating whatever the heck I feel like consuming and carrying.

Great timing on Batman's part. Look what he brought from Maine for me today. 

Happy Hiking

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