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The Premiere Of Walking Home

Day 119

Thursday July 20, 2017

Miles: ZERO

Weather: Hot in Maine also

Hotel in Saco

Good things are always worth waiting for. The premiere of Walking Home by Ryan Leighton was not just good but incredibly awesome. It originally was slated for last October. But as I told Ryan, "master pieces don't happen overnight."

The sole reason for Shortcake and myself leaving the trail for three days was for our weekly rest and to make the trip to Maine for the screening of this film. It was a sold out theatre for his hometown crowd in Boothbay, Maine. Ryan's editing skills brought the trail to life not just by film, narrative, and music but through heart and soul also. He said it best when he explained it as threading a needle with multiple threads. "You can't push it, you have to let it come together."

It was so much fun to share this with my hubby Bruce, my Batman and Sharon aka Shortcake. And three very special friends, Darnel, Linda, and Stacey who drove all the way from Bangor.

A special thanks to Steve and Karl Berger for letting me be a part of their 2015 hike. To Ryan Leighton for capturing the heart and soul of our hike and to Bruce my incredible husband of 27 years for helping me achieve great things. 

After watching the documentary I feel energized just like I did way back in high school after watching the first Rocky Movie. Instead of wanting to run up the steps in Philadelphia I want to go hike the Appalachian Trail. Good thing that's where I am headed tomorrow. 

Watch for Walking Home coming to a theatre near you hopefully in the future.

Happy Hiking. 

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