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Time To Get Serious Again

Day 120

Friday July 20, 2017

Miles: ZERO

HOTEL Sheraton in Parsippany, NJ

We are rested and we'll feed so it's time to get serious again and hit the trail. We are in our hotel chilling. We have slowly done our zero day chores over these last three days. Our resupply, laundry and repacking are done. All we have to do is rest and watch TV while we wait for the sun to go down. It feels great having nothing to do.

After watching the documentary on our 2015 hike I can't wait to hit the trail for more fun and to test my character and will. I was one tough cookie two years ago. This year I seem to be so whimpy. Maybe it's because I know I can handle it if I have to but since I have options I prefer the cushier selection. 

Why is it we as a species tend to choose the path of least resistance? Since the dawn of man we have been inventing and creating things to make life easier and in many cases do the work for us. We think with all of life's amenities we will have more time to do what is really important. But we don't. We fill that free time with even more stuff that keeps us from the simple treasures life has to offer, faith, family and friends.

I love being on the trail as tough as it is at times because it's simple. All I have to worry about is shelter, food and water. That leaves me a bunch of time to focus on my faith, my friendships and myself.  Life isn't cluttered out here. There's no drama. 

I will remind myself of this post when I am out there this week away from the Sheraton's fluffy pillows when either the heat is melting us or the rain is drowning us. But right now we have our feet up and food ordered as we finish our glamping stretch. The trail is calling and we must go. 

Happy Hiking. 

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