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A Visit From Heaven

Day 124

Tuesday July 25, 2017

Miles: 1338.0 - 1350.4    Completed: 12.4

Time: 7:35am - 3:30pm

Tenting at Pochuck Shelter

I slept descent last night. The rain stopped at some point but the droplets from the canopy danced off my tent all night. I do like sleeping in the rain. It blocks all noise whether it's snoring or loud people and also forest noises. I can't hear animals lurking outside scaring me half to death. Instead of being nervous the rain blocks all that out and if there was a ferocious animal it would be a quick death that I didn't know was coming.

The two large groups of hikers quieted down quickly after dark and I was soon asleep. My pity party attitude helped I'm sure. I only woke a few times to reposition and once to collect my thoughts. I had a wonderful dream. Often times I will wake up from dreams that felt too real to be a dream. Most of the time they are of my mom who passed away over 20 years ago. She is always smiling, healthy, and so happy. Sometimes she asks me to take a long walk with her. I always refuse and tell her I am not ready. Those dreams are a little freaky. Most of the time she just has a hug or piece of advice. I believe these are visits from heaven. 

My dream last night was like that only this time it wasn't Mom who came to visit and share wisdom. In my dream I went to see a dear friend who I used to teach with and also coach with her husband. When I arrived at her house and went in, Sonny, her husband was sitting on the couch. He was so happy and healthy in appearance. He just radiated. I looked puzzled and said to my friend, "I am sorry, but I thought Sonny passed away." She didn't answer but he did. He said to me, "Emily, you need to find the joy. It's there."  

I woke up knowing my good friend had visited me from heaven last night. And atleast today I found the joy. I took lots more pics of random things like I enjoy doing. I didn't dread the dreary weather. And I didn't complain. 

(Pic to come when I have better service)

Happy Hiking. 

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