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Copperheads Galore

Day 127

Friday July 28, 2017

Miles: 1374.0 - 1388.3    Completed: 14.3

Time: 7:30am - 6:18pm

Weather: Cloudy and Hot

The day was awesome. We worked hard over steep forest climbs under gigantic tall forests and tough rock squeezes and scrambles. The trail was like a rollercoaster except our descents did not propel us up and over the next climb. It was another fun New York day on the trail. 

We saw our first copperhead snake. If only it was one. There were copperheads galore. 

In the above photo there are atleast 6 snakes if not 7. It's hard to see them but they are there and preventing any hiker from enjoying a rest on the outcropping vista. 

Four were coiled up together in the shade of the tree and two were in the crevice of the rocks seeking shelter from the hot sun. 

We ended the day with a passage through the lemon squeezer. A space we inspected thoroughly as we made our way through. 

Shortcake in the lemon squeezer. 

The only disappointment of the day was another rest spot I knew was coming up was spoiled by a previous hiker already there smoking. I have no tolerance for that. It's not that I am mean. I just can't breathe when exposed to any time of smoking. My lungs close up and if I am exposed too long I get sick or have an asthma attack. I just don't get how people can hike like this and then light one up. Ugh!!!!

Happy Hiking. 

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