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Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Day 126

Thursday July 27 2017

Mile: 1362.1 - 1374.0    Completed:    11.9

Time: 7:55am - 5:40pm

Weather: Cloudy, slightly humid and a little misty

Black Bear

Photo by shortcake 

We have exited New Jersey and entered our 9th state. New York has been so much fun. That's my description. If you ask most other hikers they will say how hard it's been. It has lots of rocks but not like the relentless PA stones. Here in NY it's more like a jungle gym. We had our first rebar climb. I just love the climbing.


Black Bear and Shortcake 

We have also been rewarded with nice views after climbs and or just a pleasant forest to be on. Much less under growth and trail overgrowth. 

The best part of the day and what kept our feet moving even though we were tired from all the fun yet challenging terrain was ice cream. Not far off the trail was a creamery. A half mile road walk is nothing when the reward is a hot caramel sundae. 

Rattle snakes made for an interesting afternoon. A note on the trail warned us of its presence. It was dated 7/22. Today is 7/27 and it was still in the same spot. As we were taking it's photo a second one crossed the trail at the spot were previously stood 2 minutes earlier. 

Black Bear and Shortcake 

I didn't just splurge on the sweet creation I also bought 7 bottles of water at a buck a piece. I am a water snob. The streams in NJ and NY have been stained the color of tea with tannins. Ewe. It won't hurt you but I just can't drink it. 

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