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New Trail Angels

Day 128

Saturday July 29, 2017

Miles: 1388.3 - 1402.9    Completed: 14.6

Time: 6:42am - 4:45pm

Weather: Cooler, Warm, beautiful sky

Lots of deer sights today. First we saw two lambs and a doe. Then two does and one solo. They are so pretty. We never get tired of them. 

We saw the NY sky line from a ridge top. That's as close to the city as I ever want to go. I am one of the few Americans who has no desire to visit the Big Apple. I really don't. But seeing it from a distance was cool and it kept me immune to all the hustle and crowds of what large cities have to offer. 

The picture doesn't show it but it was as clear to us. It looked just like all the photos and paintings of the city you might see on TV. 

The craziest Park of the day was our hike up and over Bear Mountain. It's a tourist destination and it was Saturday. Oh my goodness!!! I dealt with a nest of copperheads yesterday way better then the throngs of tourists who flooded the trail. One hiker was lucky I didn't throw him over the bridge. Shortcake and I were taking a pic of a bridge and he saw us waiting for others to pass over it and he all but pushed us out of the way to cross it. The black Bear in me stirred but I calmed down. Lucky for him. 

We were rescued from the mayhem by my friend, Cathie. She took us back to her house where we coined her husband Paul and kids Derek and Danielle. They christened them as new trail angels. 

Providing us a ride and  a nice cool, dry place to sleep and clean up was wonderful enough. Dinner at a pizza place was another treat. It was the yummiest gluten free pizza I have ever had. 

We will sleep well tonight. 

Happy Hiking. 

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