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No, I Think I'll Go This Way

Day 131

Tuesday August 2, 2017

Miles: 1410.2 - 1429    Completed: 18.8

Weather: Clear and Hot

Tenting at RPH Shelter

What a day! The morning dragged on for hours and the miles added up slowly. We are thankful it isn't raining but the heat is killing us. And to make matters worse the water here in New York is horrendous. Doesn't matter if it comes from a spigot or a stream. Thank goodness our trail angel hosts had good water.

One would think an 18.8 mile day would produce highlights. Not the case today. We hiked in my least desirable setting, an overgrown forest with narly rocks. It went on and on and on. It was quite difficult and boring at the same time. I don't usually get bored. I can always find something to enjoy. Today was a little difficult though. 

The sky was pretty. 

Just when we needed to laugh to change our spirits the occasion arose. We came upon a brook crossing. One of the few that actually had water flowing in it. Shortcake veered to the right and I suggested she take the crossing that had nice flat stepping stones.

She said, "No, I think I'll go this way."

I continued to the left and was across safely and dry in a matter of seconds. I looked left and saw Shortcake down. Sitting in the stream laughing. 

It immediately reminded me of a life lesson. How many times do you find ourselves in the same situation. Not that of crossing a stream but rather doing some task where we are offered advice from another who can see the whole picture. For whatever reason we decline only to find ourselves in over our head. 

It's at that point our character has a chance to shine through. Do we keep sinking deeper in our own mistake or admit our error, laugh at ourself, accept help and move on? I'm not saying what Shortcake did was wrong it just happened to remind me of this. 

She did laugh and enjoyed the cool soaking on this terribly hot day and hiked on. 

Happy Hiking. 

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