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Hikers Love Food Trucks

Day 133

Thursday July 3, 2017

Miles: 1438.0 - 1454.6    Completed: 16.6

Weather: Partly cloudy, HOT & BUGGY

Tenting at Wiley shelter

I sound like a broken record when it comes to the weather and the bugs. All I seem to do is complain about how hot, humid and buggy it is. But today I decided I wasn't going to do that. I did really well until I went to get out of my tent. The screen was covered in mosquitos. I needed to apply deet before stepping out. Oh, it's going to be one of those days I said.

The terrain and foot path was quite nice. If only we could have enjoyed it more but once again the heat and humid has us dragging. 

Part way through the day we came to first a railroad crossing. It would have been so much fun to sit and wait for a ride that would take us into the Big Apple. In the beginning we thought we wanted to do it but since then we decided a trip to the city would be way to overwhelming especially for me. So we hiked on. 

 We didn't hike far. No need to head out of the way for food trucks when there was one 100 yards from the trail. 

Lou and Roseann

We rested in the shade as Lou and Roseann cooked us up some grub and we rehydrated on water and shakes. It was just the rest we needed before venturing into the open farmland under the heat of the afternoon sun. 

It was a mile uphill walk through the hay field. It was painstakingly slow as we tromped on. I forced myself to take a few iconic photos of Americas past. 

It was a very long day of hiking. We arrived at the shelter area, set up our tents, collected water and each went to our own bed to rest our weary bodies. All was well until the coyotes interrupted our sleep. Not once but twice they howled and yipped. The second time it seemed like they were in the yard. We had visions of looking out our screens only to see a canine nose curiously checking us out. Thankfully that did t happen. Only in our night time fears do such things occur. 

Happy Hiking. 

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