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Look Sue, No Hands

Day 135

Miles: ZERO

Saturday August 5, 2017

Time: Slept In

Weather: stormy, cloudy humid

Today was a typical zero day. We thought we would be cleaver and get our chores done early so we could get to bed early. Yeah, that didn't happen. 

Even though by 8:00am we had our second load of laundry in and by 9:00 we were off to the post office and grocery store. Somewhere between then and now time got sucked away. It's 8:30pm and bed time is not even close to happening. A little closer for me than shortcake but still later than I wanted. 

It was a fun day. Everyone was still sleeping except brother in law Jay. Shortcake asked if we could borrow his wife's, sister Suzanne's new car. He's such an awesome husband. He gave such a smart answer. He didn't say no and he definitely didn't say yes. Shortcake was sure her sis wouldn't mind. So off we went. I took a pic of our stealing way. 

We said, "Look Sue, no hands". We were two bandits out for a joy ride. All seriousness though, Shortcake is a very good driver.

A swim in the pool and a shower later I feel slightly human again. It won't last too long once we hit the trail tomorrow.

We ended our day by treating our trail angel family to a home cooked meal. I cooked and Shortcake wanted a task. I put her in charge of stirring the roasted potatoes when the timer went off. 20 minutes later the buzzer chimed. And chimed. And chimed. I purposely waited for my Su chef to do her part. Finally it dawned on her that the timer was her signal. I gave her one task!  We all laughed. The roasted sweet potatoes with carrot and onion came out perfectly by the way. 

All along this journey people give us accolades for what we are doing. Yes, we have the boots on the ground and the packs on our backs but there are so many people who have helped us make it this far. We are so grateful for their love, care, generosity, and support. So much can be accomplished when a team works towards a common goal. Each member has a different task. Our job is to hike and we appreciate your "job". The support and encouragement. Keep it up and we will also stay strong. Thanks. 

Happy Hiking. 

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