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No Bug Spray Needed

Day 136

Sunday August 6 2017

Miles: 1467.3 - 1481.0  completed: 13.7

Time: 8:33am - 6:17pm

Weather: Partly Cloudy, Not humid, few bugs

It was hard to leave the Jordan's today. They are such a wonderful family and their home is so cozy. But the white blazes call us forward so Jay and Jessica drove us back to the trail head and Shortcake and I headed north. 

The day was a nice refreshing change to the usual hot, sticky, muck we have been hiking in for two months. I barely broke a sweat all day. Weeks ago Shortcake and I kept telling ourselves the weather will change in August. And it did. Even better, no bug spray was needed. First day I haven't had to lather the Deet since Pennsylvania. 

We also have deemed Connecticut as the All-or-nothing-state. She is either completely flat or steeper then steep. There doesn't seem to be anything in between. 

On one section we defended we came across a Wilderness School group who were rock climbing. Shortcake and I enjoyed watching one of the leaders do his run. Dan scaled the steep ledge like a mountain goat. 


It brought back memories when she and I went rock climbing in New Hampshire. It seems like all my crazy adventures have one thing in common, they are all shortcake's idea. 

It was a long day of hiking. It takes a lot out of us to hike 10 plus hours a day. It's like work. One hiker said it best, "All we do is punch in, hike and punch out. Then do the same the next day." Atleast with this cooler weather coming the joy is back. Probably as the temps continue to drop we will then once again complain it's too cold.

Happy Hiking. 

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