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Welcome To Massachusetts

Miles: 1493.0 - 1507.7    Completed: 14.7

Time: 8:03am - 7:35pm

Weather: Cloudy-Partly Cloudy-Sunny, low humidity

Tented at Laurel Ridge Campsite

Miles of smiles on the trail today. It started with a fabulous breakfast at the hostel. We were back on the trail for a late 8:03am start. Yeah, that's late for us with a 14 plus mile day planned. But we were rested, feed and clean so all was good. 

We crossed the 1500 milestone. 

While snacking at that spot another hiker joined us. It was someone we hadn't seen since Fontana Dam. It was Nightcrawler. He's a funny character. Loaded with ink and a quick wit. He's probably the only other hiker that talks more and faster then myself. He likes his cigars also. I told him he looks like a bad boy. Upon first impressions he is even a little scary but he's all puppy dog inside. 

We also met up with 2 other hikers, River and Single T who we hadn't seen for a long time. It was nice to see familiar faces. The trail was full of surprises.

Sages Ravine was another surprise. It came at the end of the day. We were a little too tired and rushed to enjoy its full beauty though. It's name says it all. We descended the steep walls of the ravine under the canopy of tall conifers. At the bottom we followed a slow creek with cascades and pools. On a wetter season I am sure it would have been perfect for a swim or soak. That wasn't the case today.

After crossing the brook we entered Massachusetts our 11th state. I really feel at home now. My four favorite professional sports teams hail from here, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and the Pats. 

It was a long yet very fun day of hiking. 10.5 hours not counting our few breaks. That's hard on the body and mind. We barely had time to set up camp before bed. Just in time though only to do it all over again tomorrow. 

Happy Hiking. 

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