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The Rookies

Day 139

Wednesday August 9, 2017

Miles: 1507.7 - 1521.9   Completed: 14.2

Time: 7:33am - 5:15pm

Weather: Sunny and no bugs

Tented at mile 1521.9

I felt like today was a reward for all the crap we have been through so far. The weather was fantastic. There were no biting insects. The views were incredible and often and the other hikers were fun. 

(Pic to come later)

The trail offered challenging climbs with ridge walking, wooded soft pine needle carpet on the lows, and a touch of big walking. You never knew what was around the corner. 

The only sad part was knowing we probably would not see our newest trail friends again, Kyle and Alex. We meet them a few nights ago when we tented at Ceaser campsite. They were already set up when we arrived. Two young fellows. I was searching for the privy when I approached them as they sat comfy on their tarp. I noticed their heavy gear which included a 6" non-stick fry pan. I joking said to them, "Rookies!" I smiled and walked away. For a few days we would leap frog with them. Shortcake and I said they needed trail names. Each time we would refer to them as "the boys". Last night though as several of us hikers converged at Connecticut's highest peak they were also there. I told them they needed a trailname. After some chit-chat and a change of conversation they referred to our first meeting and how I called them a rookie. SHAZAM!!!! Their trailname was born. From that point on they became the Rookies.

Today would be the last day we see the Rookies. A sad day for us. They were cool and we enjoyed our leap frog breaks we had with them. One of the greatest joys on the trail is meeting people. 

(Pic to come later)

Happy Hiking

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