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The Cookie Lady

Day 143

Sunday August 13, 2017

Miles: 1459.7 - 1562.0   Completed: 12.6

Weather: Cloudy start and sunny 

Tenting at the Cookie Lady's House

Massachusetts has earned its nickname today. Often it is called Massa-ROOT-ettes due to the roots in the trail. Each state has its own characteristics and challenges and I think a rooty trail is the worst. Even more so then PA's rocks. Roots are hard to steady yourself on when they are dry. Heaven for bid if they are wet. Today they were numerous and wet. 


That didn't stop us from getting our miles in for the day. We like to do between 12-14. The last two days were neros so we needed to pick up the pace. Katahdin won't stay open all year waiting for us to get there.

We ended our day at the Cookie Lady's House. She owns a working farm 100 yards from the trail. Hikers who stop by often are treated to cookies. We stopped by and she gave us a basket of cookies to share. I can't eat them but Shortcake and Batman did. Our day's miles carried us three miles passed her home but Batman drove ahead and picked us up. We came back to the farmhouse. She lets hikers camp in her yard also. It was a nice relaxing place to cook our supper. We haven't cooked on the trail since Virginia. 

Pic to come later. 

Tomorrow we get the slack pack a few more miles before Batman must return home for another fun filled week of work while Shortcake and I play "real" hiker and fend for ourselves. 

Happy Hiking. 

I apologies for the lack of photos. Just a reminder if I don't have full service I can't upload pictures. As we hike closer to home we also hike further into the wilderness where service is scarce. 

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