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Time For Some Q & A's Part 1

Day 144

Monday August 14, 2017

Miles: 1562.3 - 1575.2    Completed: 12.9

Time: 7:18am - 4:15pm

Weather: Cloudy, warm but not too hot

Tenting at Mile 1575.2

Our weekend slackpacking is over. We enjoyed lighter packs for the last three days and as usual once we have those fully loaded monkeys on our backs we had to start with an incline. Lucky for us we are now fit as a fiddle and the heavy loads barely slowed us down as we glided up and the over that frist ascent. 

We at least didn't have to do all of today's miles with packs fully resupplied. We were still able to slack over half our miles. Thank you Batman!

Today I was wondering how I could shake up my blog for you. Instead of the same ole same ole trail update I decided to give you a glimpse inside my brain. Be careful content might not be for everyone. We spend most of the day, every day hiking. Shortcake and I don't always talk. During those silent times when my brain is free to wander I come up with some of the strangest thoughts mostly in the form of questions. Here are a few. In the future I will try to post more as my random thoughts happen if I can remember them. So now is time for some Q & A's. But I get to ask the questions. Feel free to shoot me an email to answer any of them and maybe I will post the answers. Don't send it through Facebook. I have deleted the app from my phone in hopes to conserve battery. Remember to give your first name, where you are from if I don't already know, the question number, and title of blog it's from so I can give you credit. Let's have a little fun. 

1.  Can snakes move backwards?

2.  Is Time relative or constant?

3.  Do aliens really exist?

4.  What is the name of those little orange with black spots "lizards"?

5.  How many times is it normal to fart in a day? And above what number should one seek medical attention?

6.  Why does it seem that coyotes like to poop on a log or rock

7. Is it safe to drink water from a stream that has large amounts of foam if you filter it?

8. Why does poison ivy exist?

9. Why is it there are so many tent sites but none when it comes to needing one?

10. If beer is made with wheat, barely, or hops and those ingredients are broken down into simple sugars, then the yeast eats that, is there still gluten in the beer?

11.  How many medium sized helium birthday balloons would it take to float my 35 pound pack above me as I hike?

12. If I am lying on my air mattress during a thunderstorm am I safe from a close lightening strike?

13. Are those government communication towers used to talk with aliens?

14. If deer could talk what would they think of us humans?

15. Why is the hair on my head falling out but growing uncontrollably in other places?

Number 10 is of special interest to me because it seems I am missing out on the micro brewery. 

This is just some of the craziness that keeps me entertained when nothing important is going on. 

Happy Hiking. 

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