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Black Bear Unleashed

Day 147

Thursday 17 August 2017

Miles: 1599.1 - 1612.2    Completed: 13.1

Weather: partly sunny, cool morning

Tenting at Melville Nauheim Shelter

I had a fabulous hiking day. I was so invigorated I hiked on ahead of Shortcake most of the day and took breaks letting her catch up. The trail was pleasant and easy in terms of elevation. I enjoy hiking fast. It gets my heart going and energizes me. I get that natural high from the endorphins released from exercise. It's a free and natural drug. 


We arrived at our destination early enough to enjoy a leisure evening and get to bed early. By 7:45 we had all our chores done and had retired to our tents. We had an earlier than normal start planned to beat the rain. We hate picking up when it's wet out. Sleep was just around the corner when it was rudely interrupted by several hikers who arrived. There are always late comers. Most are considerate. Not this crew. The one guy who saw my food bag hanging in the Shelter from the prestrung mouse safe lines, went wild. He was throwing obscenities and accusations so the next mountain top could here. He couldn't believe someone would hang their food bag in a shelter and was going to remove it. WELL, first of all, you don't have to be so loud and obnoxious. Second, you don't touch other's gear, thirdly you don't mess around with Black Bear.

I am very nice most of the time. I don't get too riled up or show aggression often and I rarely purposely am rude to others. But I have noticed that as I travel north on the Appalachian Trail my good nature or tolorence for stupidity and inconsiderate behavior heads south. Black Bear Came unleashed. I stormed out of my tent yell at him not to touch my food bag. My words were quite colorful and he was taken a back by my little 5 foot 3 mighty stature. He tried to back himself up but I let him have it with all my vocal strength. All the while shortcake quietly appears and removes her pack from the Shelter also. 

I returned to my tent with my food bag in fear he would throw it to the woods. After my exit he still carried on about it to his friends. I marched myself right back up to him and let him have some more of my wrath. He was your typical know it all expert who has a story for everything and could careless about what you have to say. But tonight he heard what I had to say whether he liked it or not. 

Not sure if it's a good thing but it felt good to put him in his place. 

Happy Hiking. 

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