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Good Morning

Day 148

Friday August 18, 2017

Miles: 1612.2 - 1625    Completed: 12.8

Weather: Rain

Stayed in Kid Gore Shelter

Our late comers last night continued their inconsiderate behavior until 10:00pm. They had no concept of fact the shelter they were sleeping in was surrounded by sleeping hikers. I agree the food bag I hung in the Shelter the night before is risky due to bears. But the guy's attitude (see previous post) was all wrong. If he would have politely asked for its owner to remove it I would have done so without hesitation. In fact, the night before I did the same thing but removed it before anyone asked because I knew it was the proper thing to due. But their loud conversation and pot smoking was way out of line. We all are sharing the space and its only right to keep your actions in check especially when it's that late. 

I stewed all night trying to think of what I could do this morning to get back at them. I don't like to be vindictive but they are the ones who unleashed the Bear. I settled on playing a Good Morning song by Mandisa on my phone and shining my headlamp into the Shelter. I turned up the volume to max and held it up close to the Shelter while the song played. This was at 5:50am. I had several other devious things I wanted to do but my angel side prevented me from doing it. 

Even though it rained on us most of day I had a great day knowing I didn't let them walk all over us. It wasn't the "turn the other check" behavior I should have chosen but since they lacked proper educate I thought I should deliver a good lesson. 

Happy Hiking. 

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