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Vermud Here We Come

Day 146

Wednesday August 16, 2017

Miles: 1585.9 - 1599.1    Completed: 13.2

Time: 6:54am - 5:11pm

Weather: cloudy, breezy start then warm

Tenting at Seth Warner Shelter

Bascom Lodge on top of Greylock, Massachusetts's highest peak was a very nice overnight. One of the joys backpacking offers is the freedom to pitch a tent almost wherever and whenever you please. But one of the biggest drawbacks is also having to set up camp every single night. When nice accommodations are available it's a treat. After restful slumber we were back on the trail early.

Good thing we slept well. Our home began with a descent from 3491 feet to 660 feet. I despise downhill. They are so painful on my knees and feet. By the end of this one they were screaming at me for a rest. They got a short one the Sharon and I ascending back up to 2229 feet. It was a day of big ups big downs and smaller PUDS thrown in to keep things interesting.

The best part though was we left Massachusetts and entered Vermud. I mean Vermont. The state has rightly earned the nickname "Vermud" because of, well, all the mud. There was a huge mud pit right at the border to welcome us in. 

(Pic to come later)

With all that mud though means the ground is wetter and the water sources have been more plentiful and also better. Not all of them look like ready made iced tea. Vermont is known for the green mountains also and its obvious why. They are so lush and green, cool and shady. Sometimes a little too much. Even on a sunny day we walk in dark conditions. 

It's good to be closer to home with each step we take. Even though I like being out here I am missing home more and more with each of those steps I take. Before I know it though I will be sad that this journey will be over. The time for mixed emotions has started and I will flip flop with them the rest of the way. For now, I must remember to be present in the moment. Home will still be there when I return as well as my family and friends, God willing. But if I fret about not being there, or spend all my time trying to catch up on the latest facebook posts then I am not being here. That just doesn't make any sense at all. Technology is great but sometimes it gets in the way of enjoying what is right in front of us. 

Happy Hiking. 

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