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Where's The Eclipse

Day 151

Monday August 21, 2017

Miles: Zero

Weather: Just Perfect, of course we aren't hiking

So, where's the eclipse. We were supposed to see it today. It's been nothing but total sunshine all day. 

Our zero day flew by just like always. If we weren't chasing the calendar to get to Katahdin I'd love to stay another day to rest. But when we get reports from other hiker friends up ahead and they say how it was 37 degrees on Mt Washington extra zeros are a luxury we can't afford at this time. 

We've had good food, good friends and rest. It will have to do for another week to ten days. Besides, too much time here at this awesome hostel might make it too hard to get back to the trail. 

The end is in clearer view though. Nothing can keep us from falling short of our goal, even the comforts and hospitality offered by Duffy here at the Green Mountain House. There will always be obstacles on the way to one's goals. Those obstscles aren't always bad things either. They can be anything that keeps you from reaching whatever it is you are striving for. In my case I have to decide if I want the accomplishment of saying I did two complete AT thru hikes or rest and relax more. All I know is I haven't come this far, through this much suck to quit now. I can rest later. There is still more to see and do with Shortcake and Bateman. 

Happy Hiking

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