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A Day of Peak Bagging

Day 152

Tuesday August 22, 2017

Miles: 1650.7 - 1665.5    Completed: 14.8

Time: 7:34am - 4:54pm

Weather: cloudy with an evening T-storm

Stayed in lost pond shelter

It was a good thing we had a zero day. It gave us a chance to rest up for a day of peak bagging. We climbed up and over 4 different mountains in under 15 miles. We flew over Bromley, Styles, Peru, and our favorite, Baker Peak. Baker was the lowest at only 2635 feet elevation but it offered the best view after we scaled its ledge spine. It was a perfect spot to rest before our final 2 mile push to the shelter.

We decided to stay in the shelter due to the forecast of thunderstorms for the night. When we arrived there where two young section hikers hanging out playing cards. They were new graduates from college. Smarties, a mathematician and a premed student. Soon after our arrival a young couple hiking southbound joined us. It was a tight squeeze but we made due. I waited to set up my gear until they set theirs up. I like to sleep with my head at the opposite end of others. Germs, ewe. That didn't last long. The young girls feet smelled horrible. I couldn't handle it even once she stuffed them inside her sleeping bag. So I flipped around and kept my face towards Shortcake's. 

The storm came just as we finished dinner. Great timing again. It didn't last long. I was glad. I was worried for the group of college orientation students tenting near by. We all survived the night and were ready to take on the trail by morning. 

Happy Hiking. 

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