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Don't Worry We Are Still Going

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since my last post but don't worry we are still going. As much as we wanted to chill at Green Mountain House we didn't. Between the remoteness of our journey and IPhone challenges keeping my blog up to date has been impossible.

Yes, I am still have issues with my phone. But to try and get you all caught up I will at least get logistical entries in for the missing days and as I have time I will fill in the fun details. This way you will at least know where we are.

The battery issue seems to be resolved with my phone but now my pictures have not been restored from iCloud. I'll just have to do a fantastic job painting visuals for you with my words until that challenge gets resolved.

Shortcake and I are doing great. Enjoy getting caught up and thanks for your patiences. 

Happy Hiking. 

One more technical difficulty is if you try to reach me by Facebook my app won't reload at the moment. So I am out of touch that way. I can still post these blogs directly but if you leave me comments on FB I may not get them for awhile. 

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