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Some Days Single Digits Are Enough

Day 162

Friday September 1, 2017

Miles: 1800.4 - 1807.9   Completed 7.5

Time: 10:45am - 5:10pm

Weather: Cloudy and cool

Tented at Eliza Brook Shelter

After yesterday's hair raising finish Shortcake and I decided to shut our morning 5:30am alarm off and sleep in. I don't even remember the last time on trail we did so. It was a cool quiet night making sleep easy after such a hard workout. It felt really nice to lie in my cozy sleeping bag without the worry of having to get up and out for an early start. 

We had low miles planned. We knew we would be pushing our limits to go for another big day after what we did already. Some days single digits are enough. Low miles doesn't mean easy though. My. Wolf was in our way and she was no joke. Everyone talks about the big summits but sometimes it's the unmentionables that give the most trouble. It was a cloudy cool hike that felt longer than our marathon decent the day before. We were troopers like we are and did what needed to be done without complaints. 

We set up camp and chatted with fellow hikers as the temps dropped. After supper we all retired early to our own tents to rest up for tomorrow's big climb of South and North Kinsman Mountain. 

Every day now holds a challenging climb. But with those climbs our work is rewarded with incredible views. I look forward to those climbs. The work is half the fun.

It's in the times of challenge that we grow and with each step forward and up I can feel my strength grow as well as my confidence. Not only is that rewarding. But the best part of all is the harder I work the more I get to eat. 

Happy Hiking. 

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