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Christmas On The Trail

Day 155

Friday August 25, 2017

Miles: 1700.8-1715.3     Completed: 14.5

Time: 7:40am - 5:20pm

Weather: Really Nice

Tented at Chateauguay Road

We continue to surprise ourselves. After our 20 mile day we cranked out another 14.5. The day was sweet with nice weather and an easy trail for most of the day. We had ups and we had downs but that's to be expected. We are after all Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Shortcake received a package today from friends who mailed it ahead. It was a morning treat like Christmas morning. Batman met us at the package site and took our gear, my treat. We slacked the rest of the day helping us to do the miles with less effort.

It was a nice day of Hiking. Our goal for the day was a road crossing in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived another hiker was already there having his dinner. His name was Happy Feet and he lived up to his name.

We car camped that night and I made another gourmet meal in our backpacking stoves. We had hot dogs, mushroom risotto and some Spanish rice. The warm food was a nice treat. The temps were dropping fast as the sun left the sky. It's not even September yet and fall has already arrived. 

As we were setting up camp tonight a dog could be heard from through the trees. He kept howling. I yelled backed a couple times. I didn't mean anything by it. I was just stirring the pot. Unfortunately I stirred too hard. A little while later a very nice local came driving up the rough dirt road in his beater 4-wheel drive. He felt bad his dog was bothering us and brought his fury friend for a meet and greet. I felt terrible. I apologized for being rude. His dog, Dewey was so cute but for some reason did not like us. I love dogs but I guess Dewey knew I was not being nice and did not accept my apology.

You win some and lose some. 

Happy Hiking. 

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