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Batman Is Perfect For Me

Day 156

Saturday 26, August, 2017

Miles: 1715.3-1730.7.   Completed: 15.4

Time: 6:16am - 5:00pmpm

Weather: Perfect, cool morning

Hotel: Element in Lebanon, NH

We hiked with a pep in our step today. Not sure where the energy is coming from. But both of us these past few days have been burning up the miles.  Today we knew we would be extracted by Batman and flown to a hotel. We just needed to hike. 

There was so much to see. The weather was perfect. The trail offered a little of everything. All was well. We were tired by the end of the hike and we anxiously hiked on so we could have a comfy bed, shower, and real food. We enjoy our adventure but there does come a time when sleeping, eating and spending every minute outside wains on you and enough is enough. That's when we send out the signal and Batman is there. We are so lucky to have him on our team.

I've always realized how blessed I am that Bruce is in my life. I thank God daily for him. I encourage everyone to do the same for their special someone. They may not be perfect in the world's view but they are perfect for each one of us. It's by no accident we are paired up with whom we have chosen. 

We are at the Element hotel to freshen up. We won't be taking a day off. It's purely just a night off the trail. Tomorrow we will be back at it.

Happy Hiking. 

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