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Welcome To New Hampshire

Day 157

Sunday August 27, 2017

Miles: 1730.7 - 1748.4.   Completed: 17.7

Time: 7.34am - 5:45pm

Weather: Perfect

Hotel: Element in Lebanon, NH

Shortcake over the border

Another huge day of Hiking. 17.7 miles ended us in our 13th state, New Hampshire. Vermont ushered out with a soft rolling trail as New Hampshire welcomed us in even more gently. We figured it was the calm before the storm. 

Part way through our hike the trail dumped out into a little community in West Hartford, VT where we crossed White River on a short bridge. At the end of the bridge was a house with a friend person waving us over. It was the home of Randy and Linda. They graciously cook pancakes for hungry hikers. We had lots of miles to do but we couldn't pass up the offer. Batman had hiked south to meet us so the three of us joined several other hikers on the porch while we chatted and partook in the trail magic.

With tummies full of flapjacks for them and fruit for me we continued our quest for New Hampshire. Back into the woods we went. Before we knew it we were dumped into another cute hiker friendly neighborhood. This time a street with several different homes that had coolers and goodies at the end of their driveways for hikers to snatch on their way by. Every time from now on I think I will salivate when I see an igloo. Batman might have to hold me back and remind me not all coolers are meant for me.

After a long walk through town we came to the Connecticut River and also the border of VT-NH. What a thrill! We have walked all the way from Georgia to New Hampshire. Who would have thunk. It was even more special to have Batman there with me. 

Our day's journey still wasn't over yet. We needed to continue our road walk through Dartmouth College. What a cute place. It was alive with students and families. There was even a street vendor selling silver jewelry. I couldn't resist and purchased a pair of bear paw earrings and a flower ring. My spending continued on the next street when we spotted an Froyo shop. Shortcake and I practically sprinted across the street. Places like that are dangerous. You choose your frozen flavor then add your favorite toppings. At 55 cents an ounce it adds up quickly. We enjoyed every ounce as we walked the rest of the way to where Batman drove ahead waiting for us. Poor guy. He missed out on the dessert. I had intentions on sharing mine but it was melting faster then I could walk.

Back to the Element we get to go. Another night with fluffy bedding and a bath. Sometimes life on the trail is grueling and sometimes it's just lovely. 

Happy Hiking. 

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