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Today Was A Day Of Setting A Personal Best

Day 154

Thursday August 24, 2017

Miles: 1680.4 - 1700.8    Completed: 20.4

Weather: not to hot and not too cold

Rented at Gifford Woods State Park

When we set out this morning we did not plan to do record miles for us but it just happened. Sometimes we can barely do our miles and other times we can't stop. Today was one of those days.

I started a little earlier then Shortcake. I was ready, she wasn't and the morning chill had me wanting to get my blood pumping to warm up. There was a quick steep incline that did the trick. I stopped to check cell service since down below I had none and wanted to let Batman know we were good. When I  hacked messages I had one from home informing me about my dad's health. I spent several minutes talking with my family.

It was really hard being so far from home with Dad having such health challenges. He has damage to his heart and another heart attack was not what he needed. The only thing that helped me was as always, prayer and knowing what good hands he is in with my Sister, Becky and Brother Buddy.

With the news of Dad I hiked on and barely remember the miles under my boots. I made it to the road where Batman was meeting way too early. It gave me a chance to sit and chill and reflect on my Dad while I waited for Shortcake and then eventually Batman. 

Once we were all together we drove up the road a couple miles to W. E. Pierce Groceries. It was an time country coop store. We just happened to arrive on Gluten Free Thursday. I had the best BBQ chicken and a pineapple coconut muffin that I washed down with whole milk. I love old timey stores. 

We had our fill then need d to hit the trail. We decided to let Batman slack pack us and we were going to rock out another 13.8 miles for the afternoon which included a climb up and over Mt. Killington.

Sometimes plans seem great and exillerating at first then reality sets in. Especially when the hours of the day have come and gone with the setting sun and you still have not reached the safety of your destination.  We finished our miles under the glow of our headlamps the last hour and eleven minutes. 

I was thrilled. The night was clear and slightly cool. I had wanted to night hike and this was our chance. I don't think Shortcake shared my enthusiasm. He silence the rest of the way and the quick jump into her tent later spoke volumes. I had fun. 

No matter what, we set a personal best today and it was a good feeling. We can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it even if it isn't what we had actually planned. 

Happy Hiking. 

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