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New Hampshire Bring It On

Day 161

Thursday August 31, 2017

Miles: 1793.8 - 1800.4.   Completed: 16.6

Time: 6:11am 7:26pm

Tented inside woods at mile 1800.4

Shortcake and Black Bear

We had our first big climb today since the south. It was incredible!!! Again our initial plan was to stop south of the summit at a shelter. At noon we arrived there and decided since it was so nice and also early we would push up and over Mount Moosilauke. In order to do it though I needed to cook some lunch.

We were stretching our food and I was out of snacks. The only food I had left in my bag required cooking. Since I hike slightly faster Shortcake set out after she consumed her calorie deficient lunch. Mine wasn't much better but it's all we had. Once I was done I followed her up the trail eventually catching up to her over an hour later. We weren't sure if we were crazy fools or just bad asses. Only time would tell. We figured the worst case scenario we'd arrive at the other shelter by 7pm. Plenty of time to set up camp, eat, and get to bed before dark. 

Huh, we didn't figure in all the possible factors like, over crowding. We climbed the beastly peak in the wind and cold and made it to our goal only to find it full. No room in the inn or surrounding area to tent for us. Thank goodness we had hiked the distance by 5pm. Two hours better then our worst case. That gave us plenty of time to hike the 1.6 miles to the road and hope to stealth on flatter ground. So we thought.

It was a grueling 1.6 miles of treacherous rocky decent that took us two and half hours to complete. We did safely arrive at a tent site. But we had to set up with our headlamps. We were tired, exhausted, and felt an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. 

We learned today that it is so important to have a plan A, a plan B and even a plan C. It's doesn't mean you are copping out or being soft. It's a sign of having smarts. Sometimes there is time for craziness, sometimes for being a bad ass, and other times maybe just a time to rest. Tonight we were badasses!!!

Happy Hiking. 

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