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Unlimited Soup Woo Hoo

Day 182

Thursday September 21, 2017

Miles: 1844.5 - 1850.8.   Completed: 6.3

Time: 6:00am - 2:30pm

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

Tenting at Mizpah/Naumen Hut and Campsite

Another morning start involving the use of our headlamps. It’s beginning to be habitual. The sun woke up shortly after we had boots on the trail and way before the trail turned tricky. It wasn’t long before we could tuck our lights away.

We completed a mere 6.3 Miles today in 8.5 hours. That is what anyone can call slow. I am not sure it it was due to a challenging trail or because there was so much to photograph. Either way it makes for a long day even if we did finish by early afternoon.

The views along Webster cliffs, on Mt Webster and Mt Jackson were stunning. We even got glimpses of the notorious Mt. Washington.

Mt. Washington 

My favorite sighting was not the never ending panoramas though. It was the alpine bog. I am just amazed that at such elevations a mud pit can exist. 

Alpine mud pit

Black Bear - Shortcake - Batman

We were just grateful for the planks to carry us over the 2-3 foot deep mud holes. They were even dry from the drought. I probably would have lost my pole if it had been a rainy spell.

We arrived at Mizpah Hut just in time to receive the offerings of leftover soup. All we could eat. With the purchase of our thru hiker punch card we could have one free soup and one baked good at any of the huts. We were thrilled when the caretaker offered us unlimited quantities.

Bedtime is scheduled even sooner tonight. We have most of the Presidential traverse tomorrow. An 11.8 mile hike most of it above tree line, mostly above 5,000 feet. Mt. Washington is half way across at 6,288 feet where the worst weather in the world has been recorded. We are starting early. 

Happy Hiking. 

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