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The Presidentials Are Done

Day 184

Saturday September 23, 2017

Miles: 1862.6 - 1870.4.   Completed: 7.8

Time: 8:00am - 5:40pm

Weather: Sunny and Hot (80’s)

Stayed at Attitash condo.

Wow!!! What a week. It's been hard but you don't get views like we've been seeing unless you work for it. And that we did!!! With the summit of Mount Madison and the White Mountains, the Presidentials of NH are done. We successfully and painfully completed them today. They were one of my biggest concerns returning to the trail. Weather can have an attitude in that region and I wasn’t looking forward to having a quarrel.

We skipped our pre sunrise awakening this morning so we could have the breakfast included with our stay at the hut. Our stomach’s dictate our actions most days and today was one of them. I had my fill of oatmeal loaded with nuts, dried fruit, and brown sugar. It was a treat and I didn’t have to filter extra water to cook or clean. That’s why we happily paid the big bucks to stay there.

With our tummies full, packs packed, and good weather forecasted we headed up to summit Mount Madison. In 2015 Madison was my favorite presidential peak. Unlike Washington, it was quiet. That wasn’t the case this year. It was another Saturday and people were out taking advantage of the incredible fall weather.

It was an enjoyable steep, half a mile rock scramble from the Hut to the peak, Short in distance but not in the time it took to hike it. I thrive on terrain like that. I am not as quick as I once was but it’s still a thrill for me and with over 3800 miles of backpacking under my boots my fear of heights is waining. 

Shortcake- Batman - Black Bear On Mt. Madison

Tomorrow we start the Wildcats. They are just as challenging if not more so then what we have already done. But they are no match for this Black Bear. Happy Hiking.  

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