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Welcome To Maine - The Way Life Should Be

Day 189

Thursday September 28, 2017

Miles: 1903.3 - 1912.9 Completed: 9.6

Time: 6:13am - 5:18pm

Weather: Sunny and cooler

Tented IN Gull Goose Shelter

Hew Hampshire ushered us out gracefully with one last summit, Mt. Success, a fitting name for our accomplishments. It was a windy undertaking. We were beyond ecstatic to reach the Maine border

It was a huge milestone, 13 states down, 1 to go and called for celebration. We invited Captain Morgan along to the festivities at the border sign along with cookies.

Batman, Black Bear, Shortcake, and Captain Morgan

Maine slapped us in the face for a wake up call. She doesn't fool around. She was rough, tough and rugged right from the get go with steep climbs,

Batman Climbing

rebar rungs,

and ladders.

And let's not forget the dipping temperatures. I had to ask for it yesterday didn't I? We went from 90's yesterday to dropping temps as the day went on and tonight they are forecasted to dip below freezing. Welcome to Maine.

Happy Hiking.

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