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I Love October

Day 192

Sunday October 1, 2017

Miles: 1932.9 - 1943.0 Completed: 10.1

Time: 6:11am - 3:30pm

Weather: Cool start, warm ending

Tenting next to South Arm Road

There are so many reasons to love October. One of my favorite is the fresh moving air. It's not stuffy but not yet too cold to ache the lungs. That cool October air also creates a fog over bodies of water that is hypnotizing to watch.

Another reason I enjoy October is because of the clear, blue skies so often seen this time of year. It's the perfect backdrop for nature's beauty. Even a dead tree has character when set against the vast emptiness of the blue canvas.

This first day of October was a primo start to my favorite month. There was nothing negative about the day. The morning was cool and refreshing with a gentle climb. The trail was blanketed in crispy, crunchy leaves reminding of me when I was a child and we'd play in them. In the afternoon we had a tough, steep, and rocky climb. But as I have said before, I love that too. In many spots the ascent was aided by wonderfully crafted stone steps, ladders, and rebar rungs.

The nicest surprise of the day was a picnic table. None of the campsites or shelters we stayed at in New Hampshire and Maine so far had a picnic table. It has been true, rustic camping. In the middle of nowhere at a campsite we came across a table. Unfortunately for us, we just had our break 150 yards back. That seems to be typical of trail life though. We'll hike and hike hoping to find a nice spot to stop when we eventually give up, settling for something less desirable. Then after our break we hike a little bit further and voila, there will be the best place. How many times does that happen in real life. We desire something, but lose patience and settle for something less because we don't have the strength, will-power, faith or for whatever other reason, to hold out.

Sometimes there is no choice or the circumstances really do prevent us from continuing on. It's those other times when we just give up and don't persevere that cause regret. Holding out for a better resting spot isn't a deal-breaker, but next time I feel like stopping an activity, project, assignment, etc because "I don't feel like it" I'll think twice and push on. I hope you do also.

Happy Hiking.

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