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All Is Good

Day 196

Thursday October 5, 2017

Miles: 1982.9 - 1994.3 Completed: 11.4

Time: 6:22am - 3:34pm

Weather: Awesomely sunny and cool

Tenting at Crocker Cirque Campsite

I set out alone this morning wondering when I'd meet up with Shortcake. Sleep was nonexistent last night as I couldn't stop worrying about my friend. I had mixed emotions. I was scared for her well being and I was mad she separated. That wasn't wise to do for either one of our safety.

Mixed emotions can be very draining. It's confusing. I was glad an hour or so into the hike I saw her footprint on a board along with a dry tent spot. Now I only had to expend energy on one emotion, anger. I fumed my way until I caught up to her. I noticed her up ahead but was too stubborn to let her know I was there. I stopped before I thought she saw me. We were about to climb and I didn't want to deal with our issue while trying to tackle a 700 foot climb. Once Shortcake was far from sight I continued. I caught up to her taking a break at the summit of Lone Mountain. When I saw the sign I chuckled to myself. It was a fitting name for the peak under the current conditions.

We hashed out our disagreement but I didn't feel Shortcake was over being upset. But at least we talked. Communication is so important to healthy relationships. My friends are too important to me for any animosity or grudges. I was thankful at our next break we talked some more and just like that, all was good.

Sugarloaf was on the agenda for the day, a popular ski resort in Maine. We were thrilled the trail side skirted the peak. We did not have to climb to the top. The trail had been easy all day even though it was mostly uphill. When we arrived at the junction for the trail to the summit of Sugarloaf it went ubruptly up and looked like a rocky nightmare. With smiles on our faces and happy feet we continued to the west as the trail went east.

The day's hiked ended with an impressive descent to South Branch Carrabassatt River. It was steep and open.

At times it was completely bare of trees to our left as the trail carved it's way to the river below.

We arrived at our campsite early enough to enjoy some down time. After our chores were done, the chilly air drove us inside our tents.

We didn't mind. We both were tired. The early morning starts combined with 19 straight days of hiking was wearing us. But we push on.

Happy Hiking.

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