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2000 Miles Who Would Have Thunk

Day 197

Friday October 6, 2017

Miles: 1994.3 - 2006.7 Completed: 12.4

Time: 7:15am - 7:15pm

Weather: Slight drizzle, cloudy and cool

Tenting at Horn's Pond Lean-to

First morning start without a headlamp. We didn't need to begin quite so early since we would arrive at our rendezvous spot before Batman. Guess, it was no big deal I over slept. One extra hour sleep is always welcomed. Too bad I couldn't take advantage of it. I don't sleep well at night.

I haven't complained much about it here, but since the first week on the trail my right hip and leg have caused me great pain at night while I try to sleep. The pain is bad enough alone but my right arm and hand also give trouble. I am not one to pop pills or hit the bottle to ease aches and pains but out here I have had a steady dose of Ibuprofen, known to hikers as vitamin I, acetaminophen and sodium naxopren. This self prescription is only enough to take the edge off. With all the pain and discomfort though, the biggest challenge for me to over come is the sleep deprivation it has caused.

Shortcake has her own set of symptoms as well. Months of aches, pains and sleepiness have not succeeded in stopping us. Today we reached 2000 miles, who would have thunk we would have made it this far?

We never doubted ourselves. At times we may have questioned why on earth we were subjecting ourselves to such misery. We then would remember our "WHY" and push through. As long as we kept our goal in front of us and visioned it, we could keep going. Its when we let the aches, pains, and challenges take a grip we'd get discouraged and it was then we knew we had to grab our goal again and dangle it in front. One comical way we did that was to say Jason Statham, the actor was meeting us with Ice Cream. That always motivated us.

Happy Hiking.

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