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Thank You Myron Avery

Day 198

Saturday October 7, 2017

Miles: 2006.7 - 2019.5 Completed: 12.8

Time: 7:04am - 6:20pm

Weather: Cloudy, warm and windy on the peaks

Second day in a row I didn't hear my alarm. It's not like me to over sleep. I am so very tired. My body is starting to take over. Every day I have chats with my body parts when they start to act up. I tell them they can't quit yet. We are not done. I promise them there will be spa treatments after the journey is completed. I guess the last two nights my motivational chats were ignored and my bag of bones stole an extra hour of sleep from the hiking day on two consecutive nights.

We hiked up and over Bigelow Peaks today. There are several peaks making up Bigelow Mountain one of them being Avery Peak. It is named in honor of Myron Avery who had the vision for Appalachian Trail.

The peaks were covered in mysterious clouds most of the morning. We prefer the splendid views a top the summits after a climb but today we thoroughly enjoyed the artistic beauty found in the misty blankets. They were forever changing as the wind blew them over the contour of the mountains.

Sporadically holes would appear exposing the brilliant fall colors below. This was leaf peeping at its best and there was no traffic to contend with.

Thanks to skipping my 5:00am wake up call we finished in darkness again. I much prefer packing up in the dark over setting up camp by head lamp. With the former we know what the area looks like. But ending in the dark is much harder. I have assigned Batman and Shortcake to set back up alarms. I don't want a hat trick of sleeping in.

Happy Hiking.

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