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Kaleidoscope Of Colors

Day 188

Sunday October 8, 2017

Miles: 2019.5 - 2034.6. Completed: 15.1

Time: 6:10am - 4:54pm

Weather: Cloudy and rainy then cloudy and warm

Tented at Pierce Pond Lean-to

It would be an understatement to describe the trail as rooty and rocky today. Thanks to no elevation gain we were still able to complete fifteen miles even though the rocks and roots were damp and slick.

Today was our first rain since returning to the trail and even that only lasted a short time mid day so we were able to dry off before dark when the temps drop. We have been so blessed with incredible weather.

I think we are in peak fall foliage right now. It’s hard to tell looking from within the canopy. I felt like we were in a kaleidoscope. Every hundred yards or so the trail change shades. We saw fresh greens and yellow then we’d turn a corner and it would be oranges and reds. Further up the trail it would be muted browns and burgundy. Then back to yellows and greens and the prism would spin again. It was magnificent.

The shelter was right on the edge of Pierce Pond. We thought about sleeping inside to enjoy the view but it was a nice evening. We arrived early enough to set up outside leaving the shelter for late comers. We had been leap frogging with fellow hikers, Foxy, Mantis, and Kit-Kat for several days and we were sure they’d stroll in after dark.

We are anxious for tomorrow. We will arrive into Caratunk, Maine. Our last chance for civilization. It’s an easy 4 mile hike. We plan to get even earlier to enjoy as much time as we can on our nero day.

Happy Hiking.

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