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Timing Is Everything

Day 200

Monday October 9, 2017

Miles: 2034.6 - 2038.6 Completed: 4

Time: 5:00am - 9:40pm

Weather: Cloudy, humid and Damp

Logdominium room at Northern Outdoors

A four mile day is the closest we will come to a day off. We have gone way over budget on time off trail so we are taking full advantage of today with our 4:00am wake-up. Our other incentive was to arrive at the river crossing before any other hikers.

The hike was rocky, rooty, and covered with damp leaves. Despite that it was easy and enjoyable. We meandered along streams most of the way. I love water and never tire of seeing, hearing, and feeling it. There's just something about it I find healing. And I seem to need lots of healing lately, spiritually, physically, and mentally. I am strong willed in all areas but even I get overwhelmed. When I reach the breaking point and can't rely on my inner strength it's then I remember I can't do it alone. The beauty in nature reminds me of God and he is my true strength. Water is one of those cues that helps me stay focused.

We were the first ones to reach the Kennebec River. Great! That means we do not have to wait in line. We only have to wait for the canoe guide to start the shuttle service. Today is the last day for shuttles across this wide river. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy hires someone to shuttle hikers across this treacherous water crossing. Most of the time the river snakes lazily along Route 201 but without warning the depth of the water can rise rapidly when the dam releases water to generate power. This is good for the rafters but not good for hikers. In fact people have died trying to swim this section.

Shortcake & Black Bear at the Kennebec River Crossing

We arrived before the shuttle service started at 9:00am giving us time to enjoy the riverbank and have more snacks. We like any chance to eat.

Black Bear - Batman - Shortcake

Promptly at 9:00am Rob, our canoe guide paddled across the Kennebec and ferried us to the other shore. He was a friendly chap and seemed to love his job.

Shortcake - Black Bear - Rob the Guide

Once the three of us had our boat ride we continued hiking half a mile to US Route 201 where Batman parked the Bat Mobile Then it was a short 3 mile ride to the Northern Outdoors. We arrived way to early for check in. I wasn't concerned about that. We had chores to do and had access to the laundry room, the main lodge and restaurant. What else did we need?

Timing was everything. Just as we went our separate ways to do chores it started raining. Thank God we powered through a 4:00am wake up. As much as I like the healing powers of water, the drenching down pour would not have been enjoyable. Instead we sought the benefits of hydrotherapy and hot chocolate with a little Irish Creme kick.

Black Bear - Batman

Outdoor Hot Tub at Northern Outdoors

Happy Hiking.

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