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Who's Up For Some Moxie

Day 202

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Miles: 2053.3 - 2066.3 Completed: 13 Miles

Time: 6:22am - 4:50pm

Weather: Sunny, warm, yet cool when stopped

If there is one vice in this world I have it's my addiction to Moxie.

It's a carbonated beverage popular among Mainers. Moxie is flavored with gentian root extract which is very bitter. It's one of those tastes you either love or despise. I am of the prior. It was first produced around 1876 as a medicine called "Moxie Nerve Food". It became one of the first mass produced soft drinks taking the brand name Moxie which means audacity, adventurous, boldness, daring, and etc. The perfect name for a drink with such pizzaz.

Today we summited Moxie Bald, at only 2629 feet it was an easy and delightful climb. I wanted to crack open a can of the fuzzy drink but I was too lazy to carry it in my pack. I would have asked Batman to do it for me except he was headed on a business trip. We won't see him for several days. I at least was wearing an orange shirt the signature color for Moxie.

Black Bear on Moxie Bald

In 2015 I almost took the name Moxie as my trail name. I am so glad I didn't because I met a wonderful fellow hiker who was much more deserving of such a name. She and her hiking buddy continue to be a special part of my life.

Moxie & Maps Appalachian Trail 2015

Whether I am drinking it, climbing it, or hanging out with friends named it, I just can't get enough Moxie. I have given up drinking the soda because my addiction was stronger than my will but I will never abandon the friendship I have found with Maps and Moxie.

Happy Hiking.

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