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A Walk In The Woods

Day 207

Monday october 16, 2017

Miles: 2120.0 - 2138.0 Completed: 18

Time: 5:03am - 3:10pm

Weather: Cool and Sunny

Tented at Atlers Campsite

There was absolutely nothing to complain about today. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and cool and the terrain was kind to us. It wasn’t all flat like the picture below but it was pretty darn sweet. Days like these are why I grit through all the other yuck. One day of heaven wipes away all the other days of hell.

Yesterday we had a choice to make. Batman slackpacked us today and yesterday but if we wanted to continue with such luxury through the remainder of the 100 Mile Wilderness we had to do an 18 mile today, a 19.2 tomorrow and a 17.5 the day after rain, shine, and no matter the terrain. If we could do that we would be able to summit one day earlier. We chose to go for it! With a 4:00am alarm we were up, packed and really to rock and roll by 5:03am.

The day was gorgeous and we easily did our miles finishing early in the afternoon. We are camping at Antler’s Campsite on Jo-Mary lake among tall slender pines. The ground is carpeted with pine needles. It would be perfect except for the wind is howling and blowing again. After our wonderful meal and hot cider we have each retired and are ready for bed. I think our heads will be on our pillows by 5:15pm. We need to rest hard and fast so we can tackle tomorrow’s 19 miler.

Happy Hiking.

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