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I Couldn't Get Close Enough

Day 2018

Tuesday October 17, 2017

Miles: 2138 - 2157.2 Completed: 19.2

Time: 5:13pm - 5:40pm

Weather: Sunny with some clouds, cool

Tented next to stream

We were given a mixture of surprises today. We had smooth leaf covered trails that made us feel like we were in Heaven.

Then we had rocky sections to remind us we were still here on hearth.

And then we finally were treated to our first view of Katahdin.

There wasn't much of a trail to the lake's edge but I knew in my heart I'd be able to see the crown jewel of Maine, Katahdin. So I led Shortcake and myself to the shore over the not so safe path. Once there we had to make our way across a few large boulders to gain a clear line of sight. I hoisted myself up onto a large rock and inched as close to the far edge as possible without falling in. I couldn't get close enough to the mountain. I just sat there in awe of her. This hike has been so long and often times extremely painful, mentally and physically. While I sat there I was for a moment pain free.

This was by far the most treasured gift of the day but there was more to follow. We walked around beautiful Nahmakanta Lake. It's a long, narrow lake and the trail follows the southern shore. At one point we left the edge of the lake and climbed up through a rugged, forested gorge. Once at the top we were offered another view of Katahdin way off in the distance.

Another wonder of the day was a spectacular display of courtship by a Spruce partridge. He was strutting his stuff right in the middle of the trail for two fair ladies sitting in the branches. He was not bothered by our voyerism. In fact, at one time I thought he was dancing for us also.

The last surprise was almost as great as the first view of Katahdin. When we arrived at our destination with not much time before the sun set, we saw our tents already set up. THANKS BATMAN, YOU ROCK!!! A 19.2 mile day and we don't have to set up our tents.

Happy Hiking.

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