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A Blessed Day From The Start

Day 209

Wednesday October 18, 2017

Miles: 2157.2 - 2174.7 Completed 17.5

Time: 5:22am - 4:30pm

Weather: Sunny and Warm

Tented at Abol Stream State Campground

Today we exited the 100 Mile Wilderness. It was an easy hike. We left bright and early after our 4:00am wake up call. We packed up the car and enjoyed yet another day of slacking. Batman drove 2 hours on the dirt road to get out. He had errands to do, a food run that would take him into Millinocket. 5 hours later after we left him he arrived at the campground by Abol Bridge. He once again had our tents set up. Every hiker should have a Batman. I couldn't image what that type of service would cost. Smiles on our faces was all the compensation he needed.

Today's trail hovered around 1100 feet of elevation with one little bump as we easily hiked up Rainbow Ledges to 1500 feet. The flat plateau of its peak was dotted with varying sized rocks, bushes, and short trees. It resembled a garden jungle gym waiting to be explored and played upon.

Rainbow Ledges, Maine

Rainbow Ledges, Maine

Maine has done some fabulous work on their trails. Numerous spots trail builders built incredible stone pavers. It's just lovely and so enjoyable to walk on. A huge shout out to the men and women who volunteer their time to do such laborious work.

It was a blessed day from the start. Soon after the sun appeared there was debris lying on a rock in the form of a cross. It was tiny and easily overlooked but my keen eye spotted it.

All our days are a gift but it was reassuring to see this little sign. We take so much for granted with life with all the hustle and bustle it brings. Sometimes we need gentle reminders of just how blessed we are.

Life isn't all that great at times. Sometimes it's down right horrible. When it's good we carry on and enjoy the moment not wanting for anything. But when it's bad we wish for a better life or in some cases no life at all. We cannot rely on our own strength, we are too weak. We must call on God even if we feel at times He has abandoned us. We gain strength when we surrender turning to our creator to help us through the difficult times. This would be easier to do if we also give him credit for the good times instead of ignoring where our blessings come from. God isn't a tool we put on the shelf and only bring down when we need it. He is our friend that we share the good and the bad just like any friend, except he will never hurt or leave us.

With all the goodness around me today I was still feeling lonely and down. The twig cross was just what I needed to get me out of my slump. I am glad I was open to receive it.

We ended the day at the infamous Golden Road at Abol Bridge. So many iconic photos of Katahdin have been taken here at this spot including my own. It was a clear day, not a cloud hindered the view of our goal. It would have been a great day to summit but we were still a day away from taking on The Great One.

Katahdin from Abol Bridge, Millinocket

Happy Hiking.

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