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D2 thru D5

My title sounds like Star Wars characters. There is no crafty space ships or Darth Vader in today’s post but there is a foe of another kind called hunger.

I am doing this Whole30 eating thing. I’ve been feeling exhausted since my return from the trail. I blame it on not taking the time to recover and not eating right. So I jumped into the Whole30 before doing my homework. I have the basics but not the details. So, I have been slightly hungry each evening day 2 though day 5 and tonight my tummy dragon has surfaced and shown it’s ugly face. Good thing I rid the house of all things tempting.

I sought the support of friends who are also partaking in this journey and they assured me if I was following the guidelines I shouldn’t be hungry. Hmm, could it be I need to read more? Thank goodness my book will arrive Monday. I just need to make it through the weekend. 

In order to reach Monday successfully though I needed to hit the grocery store for more yummy whole foods. With all four of us home, hubby and two 20 something young men a full fridge doesn’t go far. Neither does my budget. My tummy isn’t the only thing running on empty. I promised Bruce I’d stick to our budget in 2018. We have things we want to do and a strict budget will get us there.

I hate a budget! It is so confining. I needed to change my attitude about it. Instead of dreading having to stick to my designated funds and go without I decided to make a game of it. It was amazing how flipping that little switch in my brain changed my whole perspective. I was actually having fun working from my grocery list choosing items, figuring what was necessary, what wasn’t, and what could wait until next week. I needed a few staples to stretch the rest of the items in our fridge that managed not to be devoured yet. My escapade took me to three different grocers. I chose wisely and at my last stop I even needed to put something back. A behavior that normally would have made me feel awful. But not today. If my math was right I was winning the game. I knew it would be close. I had to factor in a small return for a previous item that was spoiled.

Once home I tallied up my receipts and I was 60 cents over. But, that didn’t count the item I would be returning next time we head to town. Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! I won!!!!!

Whatever you do, don’t tell hubby I had fun sticking to a budget. 

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