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We should treat everyday like it’s a bonus day

Bruce and I were supposed to board a plane this afternoon and say good-bye to sunny Florida as our vacation came to an end. But last night we received an email from Delta letting us know we could change our flight agenda without a penalty in anticipation of the Nor’easter. We checked the weather and made the decision to adjust our plans. With both our work, kids, pets and other items taken care of we extended our stay. 

Today was a bonus day. Instead of rushing around we were able to sleep in, til 7:00am. We savored a hearty breakfast that fueled us for our 25 mile bike ride. One would think riding in Florida would be easy since the highest point is less than 350 feet elevation. But who needs hills when you are constantly battling the wind. After that we took a dip in the pool. Then poor Bruce had to work in the afternoon. I continued to work on my vitamin D production awhile longer before returning back to the house with Mom and Dad. They patiently waited for me to be done relaxing by the pool so we could go get groceries.

All day today I was grateful for having another day with Bruce’s folks in this gorgeous weather having a great time. It truly was a bonus day. But wouldn’t it be great if we treated every day as if it were a bonus. My dad’s common response when asked about his day was “It’s a bonus, at least I’m not pushing up daisies”.

So as long as I am not pushing up daisies I think I  will try harder to count each day as a bonus and make it worth something no matter how great or small. Because there will come a time when I have to board that plane and my heavenly flight home will not be cancelled. 

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