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Kitchen Sink Happenings

It’s been another entertaining morning at my kitchen sink window. Doing dishes has never been so much fun. Yesterday I had my daily hummingbird wars, a new nest being built in my fuchsia plant, I watched a set of parent birds feed their babies in a different spot, and a squirrelly visit. 

Today a beautiful little yellowish bird flew into the window next to the sink. THUNK! “Oh no!” I yelled and rushed onto the porch. Dr. Emmie to the rescue. There it was lying on the cement feet pointing straight up like tiny flag poles. Hoping it was only stunned, I gentle scooped him up, picked all the cobwebs and dirt off him and set him upright on a bucket. I let him be. He is sitting with his eyes closed, panting.

A few more dishes washed and I see another bird whiz under the car. The birds are a little more laid back around here but this quick and unusual behavior caught my eye. As I wondered why the thing flew under the car, movement on the far corner revealed why. A squirrel ran from the back of my Subaru across the lawn while being chased by the bird. The winged assailant pecked at the fury rodent as he fled for cover.

My little yellow window crashes has recovered and taken flight. Or has become a morning snack. Either way, he is no longer sitting on the tote I placed him on. Assuming no fox or coon approached the porch in daylight I trust he has resumed his morning flutterings.  

I guess I should get back to the dishes. I need more material for writing and who knows what life lessons await looking out my kitchen sink window. 

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