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Ducks In The Pond

(Okay, I know they are loons not ducks. But whoever heard the saying “loons in the pond”)

It’s about time I am back. Hopefully more consistently and without excuses. Due to some extended family drama I let consume the better of me, therefore took me away from my keyboard.

One excuse is as good as another though. If it wouldn’t have been the drama it probably would have been something else. I am glad to be back in one of my happy places. If I am not writing then I like to be out escapading, discovering something new in a familiar place or unchartered territory outside my comfort zone.

No matter what I am doing my mind never stops. Sometimes it can be exhausting. It seldom shuts off. I keep telling myself to carry a pocket notebook to jot down my crazy thoughts, ideas, ah hah moments, words of wisdom, and any other grand idea as well as not so grandios thought that passes through my nogin. I tell myself, “I’ll remember that”. Yeah, right. Some days I cant even recall what I walk into the next room to do.

As the curtain closes on the family scene and my ducks are starting to at least swim in the same pond I am starting to gather my thoughts. My foul will never line up. I gave up on that happening a long time ago. I have learned that if I wait for things in my life to align perfectly then I would never be able to do anything. Instead I have decided if I can atleast get my ducks in the same body of water then I should be good to go. Some times the acreage is small and other times I must expand the shores for a few more items to fit. There are other times when I just have to let those ducks that don’t want to land in my pond to fly off in their own direction. Sometimes it is hard to let go. But when I can release those areas of my life that won’t help me accomplish my goals no matter how much I desire them, the easier and quicker I can move in the direction I really intend to go. 

I encourage you to do the same. Get yourself a Duck Dynasty call, use it. The birds that want to swim in your pond are the only ones you need to feed. Shoot the other ones, not litterally, and move on. 

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