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Out Schooled By A 7 Year Old

For one reason or another I always seem to have an excuse for not writing consistently. I'm too tired. It's too late. The internet isn't working properly. I don't feel well. Whatever the reason, it's my story and I am sticking to it. This time though, is because I feel too well!!! I am finishing up my medical leave, relaxing, tending to unfinished tasks that have plagued me, also a much needed road trip with Bruce for some R&R.

After celebrating Pumpkin Patch's 23rd b-day and Bruce's 52nd with our wonderful neighbors and family we headed out bright and early the next day. First stop was in North Carolina to visit my dear friend Sharon. I slept in every day and took naps. We hiked almost every day, ate healthy, relaxed, I almost stole her cat, and we resumed our evening marathon of Once Upon A time. I am still only on season 3.

From there we continued south to the sunshine state of Florida to visit Mom and Dad, Bruce's parents where all week I have continued all the above except no cat to cuddle with, traded hiking boots and poles for a swimsuit and bike. Sorry no swimsuit or padded bicycle short pics. I didn't think you could handle that sight. Somethings you just can't unsee. I also turned off Netflix and opened pages to some new reads. First one completed in 3.5 days. A great read by Sam "I Am" Ducharme. It was about my favorite subject, The Appalachian Trail.

It hasn't been all fun and R&R. I actually brought several piles from home of items that I have been putting off so I started tackling them today. My favorite was a torn piece of paper with some hen scratching on it of something I wanted to write about. The previous paragraphs were just the long way to get to the good stuff.

In January my Brother John came to visit for some ice fishing with his Grandson, Nolan. It just happens that Nolan and my birthday's are a day apart not counting the years in between. So being the best Auntie ever we celebrated in style. The first night we treated him and his Pappy to a UMaine hockey game for his birthday gift. When they and Bruce were getting ready Nolan informed me, "You can't go, you need to stay and make my cake!" Well, I guess I was put in my place.

The next day sometime in between fighting the below zero temps of ice fishing, snacking, and eating some more, I asked Nolan to come down and help me make his bed. He quickly replied, "I'll let you get started on that then I will be right down." I just about died laughing inside with his cleverness.

The sun set, traps were picked up and it was time for supper, appetizer of fresh pan grilled trout thanks to Nolan's expertise. Birthday cake and ice cream followed. Two b-day treats were requested, a large chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream for Nolan and I had a smaller something. Nolan took one look at his decadent dessert and said, "My family should get the big one. I would like to take that home to share with them." Sure you do, I thought to myself. I assured him there was plenty and he could have all the leftovers.

As the evening drew to an end and Nolan and his Pappy were gathering all their things Nolan was quite helpful by sitting out of the way on the arm of the sofa with his feet on a delicate table made by my father. I softly asked him not to sit that way since it could break the table Great Pappy made. This was maybe the second or third gentle correction I may have pointed out to him during his stay. He politely went some place else to chill. As he did so he glanced over his shoulder and informed me, "Next time I come maybe you should tell me the rules." By the end of the weekend I felt that I had completely been schooled by a 7 year old.

It was a fabulous weekend. The weather was terrible because it was so cold. I didn't partake in the ice fishing and thought they guys were all nuts in doing so. But with Nolan around to remind me not all escapades have to take place outside the home. Fun times can be had by doing ordinary things when you just have fun with whatever is going on.


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